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The government should also take appropriate

They not only pollute the river right at its origin, but also the land and the animals that live there. Many throw their garbage at tourist locations without thinking twice. The country functions on a low volume-high value tourism model which curbs the number of visitors annually, yet generates high tourism revenue,” says Shivya.Not too long ago, Iceland — a country which welcomed tourists from across the globe — had to temporarily close popular tourist destination Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon in order to protect its flora, which had been damaged by a combination of wet weather and foot traffic.Talking about ‘overtourism’, Shivya Nath, a well-known travel blogger and author of the bestselling book, The Shooting Star, shares, “It is important that we put a cap on the number of travellers that can go to a particular destination each year.

While there has been a sudden surge in people travelling to both domestic and international destinations, when tourism becomes unsustainable in nature, it can have disastrous consequences on the environment. Trekkers and mountaineers have to deposit some amount before starting the hike with the authorities, and they get refunded when they bring back their garbage from the mountain. We need more innovative tourism models like that of Bhutan. The PM also released a video, showing him picking up the plastic from the beach while taking an early morning stroll. Let us ensure our public places are clean and tidy! Let us also ensure we remain fit and healthy,” he wrote alongside the video.

It lasted for over 30 minutes. However, many people bring back only half of the garbage and leave behind 40-50 kg of it, as climbing down with a heavy load is a tedious job. No one checks what we carried up and what we bring down. When I questioned her about it, she was rude and refused to throw the garbage in the dustbin.“We are taught not to leave any garbage in the mountains during our mountaineering course,” explains Vikas Lamba, a professional mountaineer and avid traveller, who adds, “During my last expedition to Uttarkashi, I found a lot of garbage on the way back. Also handed over my ‘collection’ to Jeyaraj, who is a part of the hotel staff.The travel boom in recent years doesn’t necessarily translate into all good news.”Let the mountains beRecently, 11,000 kg garbage was removed from Mt Everest in a two-month long cleanliness drive. The golden sands and crystal blue water of Maya Bay, Thailand is also closed indefinitely to allow it to recover from the damage caused by millions of tourists.”Additional Commissioner of Income Tax and avid traveller Mala Paropkari emphasises on the need to educate people about being sensitive towards nature.. Images of hundreds of mountaineers queuing up to reach the summit and reports of climbers stepping over dead bodies dismayed people around the world. I picked up the bottle and put it in my bag. “Plogging at a beach in Mamallapuram this morning.”Excessive tourism is hazardousThe last days of Mt Everest’s spring window this year witnessed the deaths of 11 climbers.”Vikas also shares that religious places in the mountains are dirtier.”Be mindful while travellingIt’s hard to miss that most tourist places are dirty, with many people throwing away plastic wrappers and other waste anywhere except in the dustbin. She was embarrassed for sure. People leave behind plastic, old clothes and other stuff there. It is important that we educate ourselves about the environment before we start travelling,” she says, adding, “

The government should also take appropriate action against people who litter at these tourist places. Sharing one such incident, travel-blogger and influencer Prakriti Varshney recalls, “I was at a Sumo stand in Gangtok, Sikkim when a lady threw a water bottle on the road. hospital vinyl floor roll Factory Prime Minister Narendra Modi plogging at the Mamallapuram beach. The recent photograph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi plogging at the Mamallapuram beach in Tamil Nadu has brought to light the negligence of tourists towards the environment. “The place near Gangotri, which is the origin of the river Ganges, is very dirty too. The garbage, which included empty oxygen cylinders, plastic waste, batteries and faecal matter, was flown to Kathmandu in army helicopters. “Sadly, most Indians don’t have any sense of hygiene. Closer home too, in an attempt to conserve the fragile Himalayan ecosystem, the Uttarakhand High Court has ruled that “overnight stay in the Alpine meadows/Subalpine meadows/Bugyals is banned.

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The direction of Maharashtra Pollution

The direction of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) to only use the biodegradable plastic bags that are certified by the pollution control board has added to the woes of citizens. Prashant Koli, a fish vendor in Mulund (west) said, “We were not able to attend the exhibition as we were unaware of it. A similar scenario could be seen in Bandra (west) market area where vegetables were given wrapped in newspapers.For citizens, collecting garbage from home has become an issue, as degradable bags needs to be certified by the MPCB or Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). But despite knowing and being able to attend it, people are not getting their own containers here. As such, vendors have highlighted that not just vendors or shopkeepers but the citizens are too not prepared for plastic ban. (Photo: Shripad Naik) Mumbai: On the second day of state’s plastic ban and also the busiest day of the week, impact was visible over the city’s fish and meat markets.”

In the market area in Vikhroli and Thane people were collecting meat in their steel containers. “I am not sure if I will be penalised for using the biodegradable garbage bags that I already have in my stock,” said Debasmita, a resident of Mulund.Fish and vegetable vendors using old newspapers in place of bags.. China pvc vinyl plank Manufacturers A buyer collects meat from a butcher at Lalbaug market on Sunday. “Since last two days, our business was suffering because customers were not getting containers, but today many turned up with their own containers,” said Bandhu Tandel, a meat vendor in Vikhroli. Several fish and vegetable vendors in the markets revealed that they were unaware of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) exhibition on the alternatives for plastic items.In the market area of Kandivali, the meat and fish vendors were seen handing out items by wrapping it in papers. As per the authorities, these bags will take another three months to come in the market. While the markets were crowded as usual, not many carried containers in few parts of the city due to which many fish and vegetable vendors used old newspapers in place of bags.

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Victoria Beckham knew fashion

”Beckham cited late Chanel creative chief Karl Lagerfeld and Italy’s Valentino Garavani as two designers who had helped her, but said the notoriously cutthroat industry had surprised her. It raised 30 million pounds ($38 million) two years ago from NEO Investment Partners to revive the brand.Known as “Posh Spice” when she was in the 1990s girl band, Beckham, dressed on Friday in a green tweed suit, said she did not regret any of her previous fashion choices - including stage outfits such as the PVC catsuits she once sported.“I was very aware of the preconceptions, being married to David Beckham, being a Spice Girl, all of a sudden here’s a collection, I knew that eyes would roll,” she said, adding she’d focused on “making it all about the clothes and not listening to any of that.

Speaking in Paris on Friday at a conference organized by Vogue magazine, Beckham, whose collections have since gained critical acclaim and won fashion awards for their fluid, sharp tailoring, said she was expanding her empire with make-up and skincare ranges. (Photo: Instagram) hospital vinyl floor roll Factory Paris: Former pop-star Victoria Beckham knew she’d have to win over hard-to-impress fashion critics when she launched her first clothing line a decade ago, but the one-time Spice Girl said the industry was much harder to crack than she had ever imagined. Beckham cited late Chanel creative chief Karl Lagerfeld and Italy’s Valentino Garavani as two designers who had helped her, but said the notoriously cutthroat industry had surprised her.

According to the latest British company filings, Beckham’s brand, which is privately owned by the designer, David Beckham and agent Simon Fuller, was still in the red in 2017.“If I’d known then what I know now, I don’t know if I’d have the courage to do it,” she joked.Cosmetics are an often highly profitable sideline for luxury labels, and large rivals, from Kering and Gucci to Hermes, have expanded their ranges, which are accessible to a wider range of shoppers.Beckham said on Friday that as well as a recently launched make-up line, her brand would be turning out skincare products, as well as fragrances, possibly next year..Victoria Beckham knew fashion industry would dismiss her as a wannabe.

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